Handwriting Meme!

This looked like fun!

Handwriting Meme:
1) your name/lj name/tumblr name.
2) right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) favorite letters to write.
4) least favorite letters to write.
5) write “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) write the following words in capital letters: - crab - humor - kaleidoscope - pajamas - gazillion
7) write your favorite song lyric.
8) tag people!
9) any special note or picture.

PS- And yes, I realize I spelled 'kaleidoscope' wrong on my paper. Ooops, hehe.

-Renee C.

Day 07: Your Favorite Picture of Taylor

Just like several other people have asked, I've also wondered, "How am I supposed to choose just one?"  Sooo, I ended up narrowing it down to two favorites.  I could have posted way more great pics of Taylor, but I'm going to save my serious LJ spamming for tomorrow when it's time to post some delicious pictures of Zac. =)

Click below to see:

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Day 05: Your Favorite Hanson Album

All of Hanson's albums are great in their own way, but there is one in particular that I may like slightly more than the others. The songs brings back some great memories, and I can go through the entire album without skipping a song. So, my answer would be This Time Around.


Here are a few of the many reasons why TTA is my favorite:

  • First of all, "Wish That I Was There" is absolutely amazing.  I think this was the starting point of when Zac started to become my favorite brother instead of Taylor.  WONDERFUL song and Zac's voice sounds flawless.
  • I was such a fangirl back then and I remember "If Only" was constantly on TRL.  I got so excited to see it on there each day (even though I knew it was going to be.)  Also, MTV had an episode of Making th Video with Hanson for the "This Time Around" video shoot.  I just loved how the album had so much exposure and I had plenty of chances to record Hanson on my VHS tapes, haha.
  • This Time Around came out in an awesome time in my life, so many great memories are attached to these songs.  When I listen to TTA, it's almost as if I am back there in that moment of time.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, EVERY song on this album is good.  I love being able to listen to a CD straight through without skipping a track.
Let me just add, Shout It Out is starting to give TTA a run for it's money, though! ;)




Day 04: Your Favorite Hanson Radio/Video Interview

Okay, I love watching and listening to Hanson interviews, so it was hard to choose one favorite. I honestly can't even think of all of my favorite interviews at the moment. I have to say though, when I saw today's question, my mind immedietely went to one particular interview.

The interview was when Hanson was on the Rosie O'Donnel show in 1998. Zac was in one of his smartass/hilarious moods and gave Rosie such a hard time throughout the whole the interview. She mis-pronounces "Albertane", and Zac definitely lets her know it. Basically whatever she says, Zac had a smart remark to give ack to her (especially at 2:50.)

This interview is also cute because it was Isaac's eighteenth birthday, Taylor is getting his driver's license and Rosie talks about Zac's voice changing. Seems like so long ago! I love all these interviews back from when I used to record absolutely everything on VHS (aka, the days before youtube.)

Check it out below if you want!


Day 03: Your Favorite Award Hanson Has Won

I'm not sure what my favorite award is that Hanson has won, but I will share my favorite awards show moment. I think it was the 1997 MTV Music Awards when Hanson got to host the show, "And the Nominees are..." They got to announce who was nominated for each category and if I remember correctly, it was really funny and Zac was being really loud and crazy. I still have this show on a VHS tape somewhere.

Makes me miss 1997!