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mizzc @ lj.com

renee c.
17 September 1983
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My name is Renee. I'm from Ohio and I am the biggest Buckeye fan you will ever meet. Next year will be my third year of teaching. I taught special education my first year, and I am currently teaching third grade, which I absolutely adore. I have two puppies named Daisy and Cady. I love watching sports and I can and will talk about them with the guys. :) I adore music. It is pretty much my life.

this is me.

♥ movies.
♥ music.
♥ fashion.
♥ photography.
♥ ohio state football.
♥ ohio state baskateball.
♥ watching sports.
♥ writing.
♥ scrapbooking.
♥ bowling.
♥ reality television.
♥ taking naps.
♥ being with friends and family.
♥ teaching.
♥ my pets.
♥ shopping.
♥ going out to eat.
♥ candles.
♥ holidays.
♥ summer time.

Anything else you wanna know? Just ask. <3

This site will mostly be used to post updates to my Hanfic site, Broken Smile. You can click the banner below to check out the site. :)

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